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AMZ Prep Canada is a third-party logistics and fulfillment center for businesses selling on Amazons marketplace and other E-commerce channels. We're able to receive your inventory on your behalf, prep them according to Amazon’s strict guidelines, repackage them safely and ship all inventory to their respective Amazon fulfillment center's across North America.

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Prep & Pack

We help prep, label, pack and ship your product to their respective Amazon facilities across North America with easy all-inclusive pricing.

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We offer short term & long term storage options for all of our clients at cheaper rates than Amazon. We offer fulfillment by merchant options and E-fulfilment with our storage clients.

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Canadian Logistics

Shipping cross-borders and expanding into the Canadian or US markets? AMZ Logistics helps streamline and eliminate the headaches of selling internationally. From individual parcels, pallets & freights - we have a large clientele of cross border professionals to help choose the perfect solution for your business.



AMZ Prep Canada

Helping streamline your businesses with our Canadian Amazon and E-commerce fulfilment center

AMZ Prep Canada is a federally incorporated third-party logistics center focused on helping businesses streamline their operations into Amazon & other 3rd party fulfillment channels across North America. With continued growth, AMZ currently has two facilities in both Cambridge and Kitchener Ontario. AMZ Prep currently employs staff globally with an array of strengths to help grow the business to new heights. With 200+ clients internationally that we’ve worked with over the past two years, we’ve helped process over 480,000 products and increase turnaround times by over 40%. As we continue to grow, AMZ Prep Canada is expanding into cross-border logistics and helping businesses develop more advanced operations throughout their supply-chain to increase speeds onto online, third-party marketplaces.

Our team of Amazon FBA experts will help handle the operations and logistics for your Amazon business by helping prep all products, label them according to Amazon’s guidelines and send them off to their respected FBA facilities across North America.  This allows your team to continue to grow and scale your business – completely hands-free.

Our team strives to offer these two key goals for all of our Amazon clients that we’ve found to be most important to them; cheapest rates and fastest turnaround times in Canada. As we understand the importance of turnaround time, we process all shipments in 24-48 hours of being received at our facility*.  This way, you can get your products into FBA facilities faster which helps keep your cash flow consistent and always maintain your inventory in Amazon.

We’re expanding our operations across Canada this year. We opened up our new facility here in Cambridge ON. and now expanding AMZ Cross-Border Logistics, which will help sellers send their shipments between borders with our services. Helping streamline their shipments across North-America. You can learn more about our expansions and where we’re headed next on our timeline in the About Us Forum.


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AMZ Prep

How It Works

We strive to provide the most seamless integration into your business model by using top-of-the-market 3PL software and providing the highest level of client service in Canada.

Easy from your end – a bit more complicated from ours. Our team has worked endlessly to find the smoothest streamline and 3PL warehousing software in the market. Our team is now using a 2019 updated cloud-based software to keep your products information updated and know exactly what it’s in our facility at any given time. On the client’s end, it’s as simple as inputting your products information. From there, you’ll be able to see live updates in terms of where they currently are in sequence to be prepped and specific information of what needs to be done to each product being sent to Amazon.

Step 1: Create a New Client Registration Form, which you’ll be then forwarded information on your account. Send your shipments to our address, and update the account sheet as you send in inventory.

You’ll see the shipments being received live as they come in.

Step 2: Once you’re ready for us to prep the shipment, allow third-party user permission into your Seller Central and create a shipping plan. We then receive, count, and inspect all your inventory and process the shipment. You’ll still be able to check the status of your items at any time using our software.

Step 3: We use your Seller Central sub-account to create FBA shipments, get FNSKU labels, upload box content information, and create shipping labels. UPS pickups are scheduled daily by us.

We connect your e-commerce store with our 3PL logistics software. Once we receive your items, they’re ready to be sold. Once a product is purchased off your website, we’re notified via the software to prep that shipment. All shipments are processed the same day, and we have partnered with multiple carriers to get the cheapest rates in Canada.

Our Warehouses


24/7 Client Service

We provide a 24/7 service for all of our clients. Through live-chat, email or phone call - we respond to all inquiries within an hour of receiving them a message.

2019 Cloud-Based Software

Transparent Pricing

We understand the difficulties of attempting to understand a companies pricing sheet and exactly what you'll be charged for. At AMZ Prep, we provide transparent, all-inclusive pricing, so that you pay a flat fee every time.

New Office & Warehouse

We're Moving!

We're eager to announce our new move into our Brampton, Ontario location starting July 1st, 2019.

Prep, Label & Ship

Sending products to Amazon and need help sending your products in? We can help label, poly-bag, bundle, and ship your shipments to Amazon accordingly to Amazons strict guidelines across North America.


We offer in-depth inspection services for shipments here in Canada, as well as in China. All inspections go through a 5 step process our team does to make sure every product is properly inspected. We provide photo's and reports for any damaged items to provide to your suppliers.


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Need specific assembly or building was done to a product? Our warehouse specialists have years of experience doing so and able to take on any task that comes at them. Forward us your instructions and we'll take it from there.



We work with our clients to optimize their inventory management using our web-based WMS (Warehouse Management System) to ensure complete visibility during each phase. In short, our technology and never-ending push towards perfection mean you can spend less time worrying about your inventory, warehousing needs, and orders, and more time focusing on generating more sales and more profit for your e-commerce company.


Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) is when the seller is in control of his entire handling and shipping process. Instead of paying a service fee and shipping inventory to Amazon to handle, the seller uses his or her own resources and sends the items directly to the buyer. We help you with these processes and ship the products out of our facility.


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AMZ Prep Canada Integrates with your sales channels to make shipping and fulfillment stress-free, so you can focus on scalable growth.

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I was blown away by the superior service I received from Blair, Chris and the rest of the AMZ Prep team. Communication was quick and comprehensive and there was nothing I asked that they wouldn't do quickly and professionally. I highly recommend AMZ Prep Canada to anyone needing help with storage and Amazon Item prep.

- B. Itzkowitz

Private Label Seller
AMZ handles all of my E-commerce fulfillment for our Shopify website and has been doing absolutely amazing. Cheapest & fastest turnarounds In Canada!

-I. Labrsky

Their teams handle all the hard work in a professional, timely manner with care. I have used quite a few prep centers in the past and I know Blair and his team are very supportive and well communicative. I highly recommend AMZ Prep Canada and will continue to use their services.

- J. Moon

These guys are on top of it. Great communication and they do what they say they will do, which is what I care about as a business owner. I spoke with multiple prep facilities and none had attention to detail that these guys had, in my opinion. Looking forward to continuing to work with them! Like

- K. Horne

Great service! Went above and beyond to help us on our new business venture.

- T. Davidson

Online Arbitrage
Blair and Chris are always on top of their operations, they're always there to answer any questions and more importantly to us, our shipments are never late. Thank you guys

-E. Garcia

AMZ Prep provides fantastic customer service and goes above and beyond for their clients. I've tried other prep companies but they lacked the personal relationship that AMZ Prep builds with their clients. They're flexible and willing to help in any way that they can. Your questions and concerns will always be answered promptly and you will not just be another number.

J. Burns




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We provide our clients with an immediate specialist when contacting us within the hour of sending an email.

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