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Amazon FBA Services

Canadian 3PL Prep Center 

For Businesses Selling on Amazon Canada & USA

Offering full services for Amazon FBA Sellers. From start to finish, we help streamline businesses selling on Amazon for an completely hands-off experience.

Prep, Pack, Ship

Providing simple solutions for Amazon Sellers. We prep, pack, label and ship your products to FBA Centers across North America.

Cross-Border Logistics

Expanding across borders? We offer Cross-Border Logistics for small parcel, LTL & FTL shipments. 

Client Support

Top-Rated Client Sucess staff that are here to help grow your business and solve any issues that you may have.

How It Works

Create an account

Getting set up with AMZ Prep Canada is very straightforward. Create a New Client Registration Form, which you’ll be then forwarded information on your account. Send your shipments to our address, and update your own company's live sheet as you send in inventory. You'll be able to see live updates as your products are being received, processed and sent to Amazon.

Request Shipment

Once you're ready to ship out your products, you request us to Prep & Ship your products with 1 click! We follow the detailed online shared documents for the requirements you have for your shipment.  Our Warehouse representatives have the ability to stay in daily contact with your team to make sure the everything runs smooth.

We store your inventory in our fulfillment center

With AMZ's network of fulfillment centers in Toronto, Milton, Cambridge, and Kitchener, you have access to a powerful geographic footprint. We own and operate all of our fulfillment centers and help you strategically split and manage your inventory to reduce shipping costs and time in transit. We store your inventory until you're ready to ship out your products to Amazon. 

Prep, Pack, Label & Ship

 Lastly, we use your Seller Central sub-account to create FBA shipments, get FNSKU labels, upload box content information, and create shipping labels. UPS pickups are scheduled daily by us. This whole process is done within 24 hours of the request.

Private Label

Selling Private Label? We help streamline the process. You can be anywhere in the world as still use our warehouse to sell in Canada and the USA. We help process your shipments from anywhere else in the world into our fulfillment center. We offering services to bundle private label products, in-depth inspections, labeling, processing and so much more.  Our team has years of experience in the space and provide 24/7 support to all of our clients to help grow their business. 

Amazon Wholesale 

Expanding into Canadian Markets? Have a supplier in Canada and want to send to We offer full solutions for every time of Wholesale Business selling on Amazons marketplace. 

Online Arbitrage

Let us handle the manual work while you continue to source profitable products sourcing online.

Use our center to scale your Online Arbitrage business. We can receive, process and ship all of your products from our facility without you having to worry about the stock arriving at your home. We have the capabilities to scale your OA business in Canada, and the USA with our international shipping options.

Retail Arbitrage

Done waste time processing shipments yourself. We allow drop-offs at our facility weekly so that you can source profitable products in stores, while we handle the rest of it. Our mission is to help small businesses scale their operations when selling RA - and we offer solutions catered to fit your team. 

AMZ Logistics

Cross Border Solutions

We offer solutions for every type of Amazon Seller. Whether you're sending across North America or Across the Globe. AMZ Logistics will help provide the best rates to expand your business internationally. Our mission is to see your business grow on markets around the world - and we attempt to offer simple solutions that others fail to miss when providing services for Amazon Sellers. Canadian Selling on We have you covered.

All-Inclusive Pricing

$ 1.00 CAD / UNIT
This pricing is all-inclusive pricing and includes all of the following services below under this flat rate fee. We like to be fully transparent in our FBA Prep Services and Flat Rate Pricing. Note, this is our base pricing and is subject to be lowered with volume shipments. $0.75 US PER UNIT.
General Processing & Handling
FNSKU Product Labelling & Box Application
14-Day Free Storage
Sticker/Label Removal
AMZ Prep Canada

Additional Pricing & Information

Wholesale/Private Label 50 Unit Minimum Order Quantity & Online Arbitrage 75 Unit Minimum Order Quantity: Should the total of your quantities and requested services fail to meet our 50 unit Minimum Purchase Price, your itemized invoice will reflect our default price. Should your total performed services exceed 75 units during an OA shipment your itemized invoice will reflect individual fees for each performed service. Note that wholesale/private label products are minimum quantities of 50 units, where online arbitrage is 75.*

General Processing & Handling offers you everything you need to ensure your shipment is Amazon compliant and meets your personal satisfaction. We offer comprehensive customer support, receiving, photo documentation when necessary, unpacking your shipping cartons, counting your units, visually inspecting product packaging, repacking your shipping cartons, shipping dunnage, weighing and measuring your shipping cartons, receiving your shipping labels, minor carton repairs, applying shipping labels, facilitating the UPS or Fed Ex pick up.

Bundling – Bundling is an additional $0.25 per unit bundled.

Bubble Wrap $1.00/ft.

Product Inserts/Information Cards/Business Cards Inserts $0.25 per unit.

Duty Fee Invoice Payments: We can receive your duty fee invoices and pay them on your behalf with a $35.00 service fee. You will receive a copy of the original Duty Fee Invoice for your records.

Offered at a flat $5.00 for each carton without inspection. We require you to provide labels prior to arrival - failure to do so may create additional fee's.

A Forward Only order should arrive prepared to be sent out immediately as is. Our Forward Only fees include a visual inspection of your inbound shipment, verification of the shipment’s external condition for forwarding to Amazon, photo documentation when necessary, and application of your Amazon Partnered UPS or Fed Ex shipping labels. Further services provided, (opening cartons for verification of any sort, trimming oversize cartons, or reassembling non-compliant configurations) will result in additional fees.

We charge $35.00/Pallet per Month and $20/Half Pallet per month. These prices due a change in Q4 and pricing is based off a variety of inputs and forecasted volume.

We charge $0.15 per unit for all return orders with a minimum invoice of $25.00.

We charge at cost for Cartons from Cartons range in pricing from $1.50-$6.00 per carton depending on a variety of factors. We don't believe in profiting off our clients for supplies - and we charge at cost for all supplies that you'd see on your invoice.

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars. All-Inclusive Pricing is $0.75 US per unit.

A UPS pickup fee, charged by them, will be seen on your invoice for the amount of $2.99 CAD per shipment.


We provide volume discounts for consistent monthly clients based off quota amounts, along with for larger Wholesale or Private label shipments. Contact us with the number of units you're sending in and what needs to be done to them, and we'll provide a quote within the hour.

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