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ECommerce Fulfillment

Canadian Order Fulfillment for eCommerce

businesses ready to scale 

AMZ Prep Canada Integrates with your sales channels to make shipping and fulfillment stress-free, so you can focus on scalable growth.

Easy Integration

Whether you have just one online store or a dozen, you can seamlessly sync them all with ShipBob.

Inventory Management

Track and manage your inventory across multiple e-commerce stores and fulfillment centers

Client Support

Top-Rated Client Sucess staff that are here to help grow your business and solve any issues that you may have.

How It Works

Connect your store and send us your product

Getting set up with AMZ Prep Canada is very straightforward. All major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces are seamlessly integrated with our technology, so it only takes a couple of minutes to sync your store and import your products/SKUs. Then, send us your inventory.

Your customer places an order and AMZ Prep Canada is automatically notified

Our technology powers our network of fulfillment centers across the country. As soon as an order is placed on your store, it is automatically sent to the AMZ fulfillment center closest to the customer to be picked, packed, and sent to the customer.

We store your inventory in our fulfillment center

With AMZ's network of fulfillment centers in Toronto, Milton, Cambridge, and Kitchener, you have access to a powerful geographic footprint. We own and operate all of our fulfillment centers and help you strategically split and manage your inventory to reduce shipping costs and time in transit.

We ship the order to your customer quickly and affordably

For each order, AMZ finds the fastest and most cost-effective option to get it delivered to its shipping destination. As soon as the order ships, tracking info is pushed back to your online store and sent to your customers so they stay in the loop every step of the way.

Inventory Management

With AMZ Prep Canada inventory portal, you can kiss your cumbersome spreadsheets goodbye. Track inventory levels across multiple sales channels, identify your best-selling SKUs, blacklist old SKUs, receive low stock alerts, and more. AMZ's inventory system will give you complete visibility and control of your inventory.

Shipping Management

Our shipping management system doesn’t end with discounted shipping rates. Our partnerships with all the major carriers combined with the transparency of AMZ's software allow you to calculate real-time shipping rates, view a multitude of shipping reports on our dashboard, or export the data to a CSV to run your own reports.

Order Management

The core of AMZ's software is the order management portal. It’s where the magic of managing your customer experience happens. Our out-of-the-box integrations sync with your sales channels to eliminate manual importing of data and trigger all the necessary notifications to your end-customer. Track the status of each order from the moment they are placed to the minute they land on your customer’s doorstep

Warehouse Management

AMZ's software is comparable to an iceberg where 90% of its mass is below the surface. Our entire operation is powered through our proprietary software, so we have full control over the features that benefit your business. What you can see is the ability to manage inventory across multiple warehouses, fulfill orders based on predefined assignment logistics, request special projects, and much more.

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