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Pick & Pack Starting at

$ 1.00+ CAD PER ITEM
Prices starting at $1.00 Canadian Per Item
General Processing & Handling
Poly bagging
FNSKU Product Label and Box Application
14-Day Free Storage
Sticker/Label Removal
AMZ Prep Canada

Additional Pricing & Information

General Processing & Handling offers you everything you need to ensure your shipment is Amazon compliant and meets your personal satisfaction. We offer comprehensive customer support, receiving, photo documentation when necessary, unpacking your shipping cartons, counting your units, visually inspecting product packaging, repacking your shipping cartons, shipping dunnage, weighing and measuring your shipping cartons, receiving your shipping labels, minor carton repairs, applying shipping labels, facilitating the UPS or Fed Ex pick up.

Bundling – Bundling is an additional $0.20 per unit bundled.

Bubble Wrap $0.50 / ft

Product Inserts/Information Cards/Business Cards Inserts $0.25 per unit.

Duty Fee Invoice Payments: We can receive your duty fee invoices and pay them on your behalf with a $15 service fee. You will receive a copy of the original Duty Fee Invoice for your records.

Offered at a flat $5.00 for each carton without inspection. We require you to provide labels prior to arrival - failure to do so may create additional fee's.

A Forward Only order should arrive prepared to be sent out immediately as is. Our Forward Only fees include a visual inspection of your inbound shipment, verification of the shipment’s external condition for forwarding to Amazon, photo documentation when necessary, and application of your Amazon Partnered UPS or Fed Ex shipping labels. Further services provided, (opening cartons for verification of any sort, trimming oversize cartons, or reassembling non-compliant configurations) will result in additional fees.

We charge $20.00/pallet per month & $5.00 per bin.


We provide volume discounts for consistent monthly clients based off quota amounts, along with for larger Wholesale or Private label shipments. Contact us with the number of units you're sending in and what needs to be done to them, and we'll provide a quote within the hour.
AMZ Prep Canada