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Canadian Shopify Order Fulfillment

Canadian Shopify Order Fulfillment

AMZ Integrates with your sales channels to make shipping and fulfillment stress-free, so you can focus on scalable growth


Get Started in Less Than 10 Days

Day 1

Get Started

Register on our website and one of our fulfillment experts will walk you through next steps and getting your account set up.

Day 4-8

Send Inventory

Ship us the items you want to be fulfilled and AMZ will guide you step-by-step to send us your products. You even get discounted shipping rates too!

Day 5-10

Recieve & Store

We then receive & store your inventory your Amazon Products in our Canadian Fulfillment Warehouse.

Day 5-10

Start Selling

We will then sync with your Shopify and any other channels you sell on so that orders automatically start flowing in.

Premier Fulfillment Partner for Shopify Sellers

Join top merchants & sell on Shopify

Your Premier Partner for Global Shopify Fulfillment

AMZ Prep Integrates with your Shopify sales channel to make shipping and fulfillment stress-free, so you can focus on scalable growth.


Accuracy rate in fulfilling order


Days to receive inventory

Shopify Fulfillment Software

Our proprietary software fully integrates with Shopify Website (along with just about every other website) for seamless Canadian eCommerce Fulfillment. Our built-in reports and analytics provide insights to empower you to make better fulfillment decisions across your supply chain and give you a competitive advantage when selling online.

Agency Services

Marketing Services for Brands on Shopify

Through our professional service division, we’ve built full-suite solutions for brands on Shopify. Account management,  website development, marketing services, and marketplace expansions to ensure scalable growth on, and off, the platform.

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